Bit Unicom

Connects all devices through blockchain

ICO in Progress


Protocol:  ERC20

PreICO duration(UTC):  

0.2% Complete
5.4 ETH
500 ETH


Max CAP: 

How To Participate?

PreICO/ICO is based on Ethereum, accepting ETHs.   During the PreICO/ICO stage, BUC tokens will be issued and sent to investors on receiving ETHs.  

Contract address: 0x..,    send ETH to this address to get BUC tokens

1) If you have a ERC20 compatible wallet, like EthereumWallet, MyEtherWallet, simply transfer ETH to the ICO smart contract address, you will receive BUC tokens equivalent to ETHs transferred.

2) If you do not have a ERC20 compatible wallet, create a wallet from, buy ETH from available cryptocurrency exchange, then withdraw the ETH into your Ethereum wallet just created. At last transfer ETH in your wallet to the ICO smart contract address to receive equivalent BUC tokens.

**Important Note**: Please do NOT send ETH from any exchange, otherwise you will not get BUC tokens!!!

BitUnicom: How does it work?

1. Help establishing secure end-to-end communication channel for nodes over the network, including pc, mobile device

2. Unified account for dapps of different types on top of same blockchain nodes, e.g. IM, VoIP, online Games

3. Extended Distributed Hash Table supporting dapps of different type to connect with each other

4. Provide blockchain abstract layer between different blockchain implementations and dapps for developers

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White Paper

We will present a new unified computational model for simplifying the sharing of resources and planning for distributed computing and information. To facilitate the development of dapp in this new model, we will provide a abstract layer between dapp and blockchain for billing services and the routing node dapp...


Universal Computing Platform





Stack Exchange




1. End-to-End Instant Message

2. Distributed Computing

3. Data/Information Exchange

4. Online Game

5. VoIP


With blockchain as the public root certificate authority, all of the communication data in these applications is secured by a set of cryptographic algorithms under PKI, intermediate nodes are not able to monitor or tamper information go through them.

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